Fear can be in many different aspects of our life. It can be a fear of trying or doing something new or fear of not having enough money, time, new places, job loss, or failing relationships. We are in different places and seasons of life so the fears may change as we enter different stages of life for each individual. Fear can be difficult to work through on our own if we do not understand what is underlying the fear and were the fear is originating from.

We have been taught to conform to rules or act a certain way as a child which also can shape our beliefs about the world, others, and ourselves. Most times the underlying issue of fear relates to a lack of love and belonging.

A very common fear is fear of failure or not being enough to step into a fearful situation and meet it head on. By not confronting our fears we put limitations on our personal growth and life experiences. This in turn prevents us from achieving our life purpose and personal evolution.

The best way I’ve been able to describe our purpose on earth is to think of our time here as a school. We are all spiritual beings having a temporary human experience. This is the place where we get to have experiences that we learn and grow from, and it is these experiences that guide our path in life to our purpose. I hear so many people say that things always happen to them but in fact, they happen for you to help you learn whatever you need to learn from the experience to move onto your next lesson.

When I find myself feeling fearful around a situation or issue is to ask myself. what is it about the situation that is causing me to feel fearful around the situation or issue, and to ask myself what about the situation is causing me to feel fearful. I tell myself that it is okay to feel fearful and acknowledge the feeling. I then approach the feelings with curiosity and look inward to see what is causing the fear, acknowledge that reasoning and try to replace that reasoning with an updated thought that is at minimum neutral or positive. After all, we will not be eaten by a wild animal so death should not be a factor. (I hope you are smiling by now).

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