He Put The “TIRE” in RETIRE


Just a little over forty years ago is when Dean Kyllo started his auto repair business in Kenyon. It would continue to grow as him and his son, Robert (“Bob”), just fifteen years old at the time, would work together to help those in the community and later, those in other areas as well. Fast forward to the summer of 2022, Dean decides he’d like to retire and Bob takes over the business. From there, he’d move from next to the local gas station on Second Street to Langford Avenue just north of County 12 Boulevard. Bob decided there was a need for more space and a new start. I spoke with Bob about the new location, “Robert’s Repair,” and what changes he has made as he has been on his own for over a year now. Whether, they are from town, West Concord, Wanamingo or Faribault, Bob seems to see the same faces that he has seen time and time again from the original shop, and is happy to accommodate their needs. Dean comes by fairly often to help his son with any extra work. “I’ve been very fortunate Dad has stuck it out with me this long, he always knows what’s going on, always treated people with respect, and I try doing the same. I learned a lot from him.” He says. Bob enjoys seeing many revisit but if those who come by once a year versus four or five times a month, they are no different. Bob explains that the projects might look the same or dissimilar from one another, but everyone should be treated the same. “I like working with the customers and/ or people, it’s fun when they come in with a problem and you can fix it. There’s always a surprise. We can work with your budget needs as well. People are people, not numbers, especially in a small town.” Usually, Bob is full if not the whole week, he is half, trying to keep some space open for emergencies or quick half an hour projects. If you’re needing something done on a Saturday, give him a call a couple days in advance. His services include; tire rotations, battery replacement, engine repair and much more on the Google page which has the updated address, number and services. He’s currently working on a Facebook page. In the future, to those who are eligible, Bob may be looking for help. Since moving, there is more space, a new tire machine and plenty of projects to be done. In the upcoming spring season, he is known for working on lawn mowers, boats and golf carts. I’ve heard nothing but terrific comments on Bob’s shop, folks from all over knowing him or his Father not just on their work but how they can make the community part of their family. Robert’s Repair is located 19 Langford Ave, Kenyon MN 55946, You can reach him at 507-330-2873.