Lacey’s Closes at End of December


Lacey’s Kitchen & Cocktails announced there were closing their doors at the end of December. The business opened up in the old Schweich’s Bar and Hotel building in November of 2021. A Facebook post on Friday December 29th informed the public that they were ceasing the operation and the kitchen would be closed but the bar would be open over the weekend with cheap drink specials.

Steven Lacey was the chef and had a thirty-year history of experience in the restaurant industry. He opened Lacey’s at Brooktree in late July of this past year. Brooktree is the municipally owned golf course in Owatonna. He opened that business just days after the Tavern Nine closed at the same facility.

A Facebook post by Lacey addressed the issue of gift cards that were sold over the holiday season in Kenyon. They said they would be posting a solution for those who had unredeemed gift cards shortly.