Our Patients Are Our Purpose


Dr. Brent Born, one of the veterinarians at Kenyon Vet Clinic, will be celebrating 25 years in business in Kenyon this May.

Dr. Born jumped into his practice right after graduation, literally! "I graduated from Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine on Saturday, moved to Kenyon on Sunday, and was at work at the Kenyon Vet Clinic on Monday," states Dr. Born.

After completing his undergraduate work at Buena Vista College with a degree in Biology, he went to Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine. He completed internships at several different vet clinics that had openings during his last year of veterinary school. The Kenyon Veterinary Clinic stood out as a progressive practice and a community which his family would fit in well! Now he has given 25 years of service to this community. "We have an excellent medical care team", says Born. " Dr. Brad Prestemon and Dr. Mike Bierk are excellent providers to assist me with the case load, along with the rest of our very capable staff of technicians , technician assistants, customer service reps and a business manager".

I asked Dr. Born about the importance of spring care for the animals he sees on a regular basis. I learned that KVC care begins with an initial evaluation of the furry patients health, and addresses any concerns you may have about your pet. Upon arriving, a complete exam includes assessing the health of the animal, running any pertinent diagnostics, a consult on weight management, and any concerns on preventative care or special needs.

Our pets are exposed to a variety of issues on a daily basis in the outdoor environment. Heartworms, tape worms, round and whipworms, fleas and ticks are the routine things they check for. KVC is here to help us to learn about the risks and measures we can take to protect our pets from these dangers. They offer tests and diagnostics as well as a full line of preventatives for the internal and external parasite protection as needed.

Vaccines are also important tools used for our pets as protection from pathogens when risks are involved, and will be specifically tailored to each pet's individual needs. This is not a "one size fits all" vaccination protocol. For example, a pet who has been up North where ticks are prolific can be protected with a Lyme's Disease shot. Or if the animal frequents a dog park where it could be exposed to respiratory pathogens, a different approach is used. "We want our patients to be protected at the level of their true exposure to risks", concludes Dr. Born.

Kenyon is lucky to have such integrated care in place for it's furry friends. Let's all say Thank You for 25 years of service to our community!


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