Peyton Temple Makes History!


The Kenyon Area Historical Society Board of Directors has made history! Recently , the board added 2 new members, Lori Thompson, a lifelong Kenyon resident, and Peyton Temple, the youngest board member in the history of Kenyon.

Peyton is 13 years old, and has always had a penchant for Kenyon's history. He is the son of Angie Anderson, and the great grandson of Howard Held. Peyton's interest in history began with his great great great grandfather's business. It was the first Chevrolet dealership in Minnesota. Frank G. Held opened the dealership in 1908. He had opened a farm implement business in 1896, after migration to Kenyon from Wisconsin in 1895, and once the motor vehicle industry began, he thought it would complement his implement sales. Frank was successful in this endeavor, and ran it until 1961, when his grandson Howard stepped in. Howard took over, and added the Held Bus Service in 1969. In 1992, he shut the dealership down and focused on selling cars. In 2012, he stopped selling cars, and turned his focus to the bus service, which is still in operation.

I asked Peyton what made him decide to join the board of directors. He goes to school and works at Angie's Restaurant, and for most kids his age, that is enough. But he has been interested in Kenyon's history for quite awhile, and is full of information. Also, it is important to say after meeting with him, I wouldn't call Peyton a "kid" by any means. He is definitely a young man! He also manages the Knights varsity basketball team, works for Denny Veblen in his lawn care business, and has a lawn care business of his own since 2018. Before we got more into the interview, I had to ask him what he does in his "spare" time, for fun. He said he likes to ride his electric bicycle.

He found himself looking for and collecting memorabilia from the car dealership, and his interest grew. Bob Peterson saw him buying things at Rose Fest, and after talking to Peyton, he asked the Board about asking Peyton to join as the youngest board member. They agreed and approached Peyton, who happily accepted the offer, and in October, made history himself, as the youngest board member ever! With his curiosity and drive, maybe Peyton will become the next town historian! Congratulations, Peyton, on your focus and dedication to your cause, and on your history making appointment to the Kenyon Area Historical Society Board of Directors!