Traxler Law


As I get older and closer to retirement, I begin to wonder how to take care of the treasures I have accumulated over the years. As they say, one man's trash is another man's treasure, and I am sure my offspring will look at most of my accumulations as the former, and not the latter. Downsizing while I am still here on Earth seems to be a great idea, but then once I toss something out, I am sure I will need it the next week. So, maybe a yard sale here and there, or a post on Craig's List will begin the process. However, the possessions that really matter need to be taken care of before I am unable to make decisions for myself, and that is where an estate lawyer will come in handy.

This month, I decided to focus on a woman who has a large tool box of legal training to pull from. Ann Traxler at Traxler Law, PLLC is that person. Ann is a graduate of Mitchell Hamline School of Law, with a certification in law and business. She grew up just south of West Concord and moved to Kenyon in 1990. She and her family have a small farm outside of Kenyon with a garden of fresh vegetables. At one time they had a cattle business but decided to forgo that operation when Ann began her law practice. They had 4 boys at home, all of whom are grown and some with families of their own. Jake, Tara and their son and daughter , and Caleb and Samantha all live south of Owatonna. Levi and Natalie live in Nerstrand and help with work in the family businesses, Traxler Power and Equipment, and the NAPA store in Kenyon, along with Ann and her husband Jeff. Their son Quinn is a civil engineer and lives and works in Denver, but comes home often to his townhouse and his girlfriend.

Ann was a student at U of M in Waseca and at the Twin Cities campuses. At the time, she majored in Animal Sciences. This compliments her Law Degree, as she now assists farm businesses transitioning to new formations, and new generations taking over family farms. She says there are as many options as there are families and plans, so it can get quite complicated.

Her practice provides both personal and business legal services. Her business law practice interests include forming new businesses, legal contracts, and real estate transactions. She also works with wills and estate planning. She handles trusts to control assets, inheritance and probates. Health care directives and power of attorney decisions are also a part of her expertise.

So, if you have been thinking of getting all those treasures you own set up into a legal document such as a will or trust, call Ann to see how she can assist you at (507) 405-0420, and invest in some peace of mind!