K-W Homecoming Week September 25-29



Dress-Up Days:

o Monday --- Dress Like a Parent Day

o Tuesday --- Country vs. Country Club

o Wednesday --- Barbie/Ken/Pink Day

o Thursday --- Class Color Day

o Freshmen -- Black

o Sophomores -- White

o Juniors -- Grey

o Seniors -- Neon

o Faculty -- Plaid/ Flannel/ Camouflage

o Friday --- School Spirit Day

Noon C-Lunch Activities:

o Monday --- Leg Wrestling (Coordinated by Rachel Ryan)

o Tuesday --- Bingo (Coordinated by Lydia Flotterud)

o Wednesday --- Sprite Chug (Coordinated by Dakota Temple)

o Thursday --- Egg Toss (Coordinated by Josie Flom)

High School Homecoming Events:

o Monday

 Coronation, 7:30 PM

o Tuesday (Period 5, from 11:50 AM – 12:20 PM)

 Pepfest in the East Gym

o Thursday (Periods 1 – 4 beginning at 8:40 AM)

 Beefcake in the East Gym

 Short Activity Before Championship Match

o Friday (Periods 5 – 8)

 C Lunch from 12:10 PM – 12:30 PM

 Family Feud in the Auditorium (12:30 PM)

 Powderpuff (1:40 PM)

Homecoming Button Discount

Students and adults who buy a button for $3 will be admitted to Coronation for free, and to the Volleyball Match, and the Football Game for $1 each. Senior Citizens with a Homecoming Button will be admitted to all events for free.


Freshmen: Hadley Wieme and Oliver Bauer

Sophomores: Bria Miller and Bryan Jacobson

Juniors: Vanessa Bartel and Jack Vierling

Foreign Exchange Students: Mara Gausepol and Louis Gillot


Addi Flom and Logan Carroll

Josie Flom and Soren Kyllo

Bailey Leininger and Aidan Lindell

Siri Loken and Zach Mason Ivette Mendoza and Colton Steberg

Norah Rechtzigel and Will VanEpps